Investments with Purpose

One of the longer-term clients we've worked with at DesignGood were the Singh brothers. Darsh and Harpreet started a financial agency with the intention of investing money thoughtfully and for the purposes of creating a better world. They were described to me as "loving, creative people that found ways to harness business to be able to do cool stuff". Both brothers are Sikh and their faith is very important to them; their passion for their faith was central in the branding I created for them. The name Hazoor loosely represents the idea of being in the presence of someone or something much greater than oneself.

Investment banking is a high-caliber business and as such, the client really wanted to get the branding correct. We needed to strike the correct balance of financial heritage with kindness and meaning. They were also looking to expand into digital currency, so there was an element of techiness that needed to be included.

Their original branding included a teardrop gem shape for the logo. The clients requested that we keep this logo theme in some way. Theoretically this should be an easy ask, but I had quite a time iterating on the teardrop. It felt like everything I designed read as 'water company' or 'cell phone company'. My boss, seeing me struggle to create enough options, suggested I provide a handful of alternate logo options that still felt full of meaning. In addition to the gem options, I created a phoenix logo, a monogram option made from candlesticks, some funky patchwork options, and a few classic-feeling wordmarks. Altogether we were able to present the Singh brothers with some really strong options.

After a handful of rounds of revisions, the identity they chose was a logo that felt so perfect for them that I was confused why I hadn't designed it in the first round. The option they chose was a gem logo that included some of the colors and patchwork-y elements from the previous versions I had created. It felt rich, luxe, and expensive - perfect for an investment bank. I guess sometimes the best visuals are made iteratively.

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