I've got my nose in a book and my head in the clouds.

I've always had a creative spirit, from the time I could form a memory. My mom thoughtfully peppered my homeschool career with art projects. When I ultimately ended up in a public high school the art room was my quiet place. I received my BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2014, having spent three years there in an accelerated bachelors program. I studied fashion design and specialized in eveningwear and haute couture. It was absolutely my childhood dream to be an apparel designer and I tried my best to reach that goal.

I quickly found out that the fashion industry is an exceptionally hard place to work. It took immense effort just to find work. I spent some time in a handful of design positions, from patternmaking fur coats at J. Mendel to designing mens underwear at Banana Republic. I had to come to the understanding that childhood dreams don't always make great careers. Maybe it was realizing that the heartache of working late nights alongside ultra-competitive coworkers was not worth the low pay if I was working in mass-market apparel anyways. I also felt increasingly guilty creating products I knew would end up in a landfill.

I started to make my career switch in 2016. I taught myself a little bit of coding before realizing I'd be much more effective as a web designer. So I taught myself how to . I spent a handful of years freelancing in design and illustration, later managing social media at a local nursery. During Covid I began working for DesignGood, a remote women-led branding agency. I cut my teeth designing brands for clients working in therapy, mental health, and fashion. I still work as a brand designer at the agency today, though I spend most of my time doing UI design for our clients (it's my specialty!).

I’m always looking for new art & design opportunities. Are you in?

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