Dr. Kathryn Steinman

Therapy for a Sensitive Age

Therapists are our bread and butter at DesignGood. We love people who champion the exploration and support of mental health. Dr. Steinman was a somewhat unique brand to design for as she was looking to focus on the teen to young adult age category while still allowing for other age groups.

Had the focus been completely on that adolescent category, I think the branding would have been completely different. Maybe more trendy and young-feeling. But since we were shooting for a wide audience the branding had to be a little less specific. As we worked, we found the client had some rather specific preferences. For therapists I'd generally use stock photos that felt like they subtly displayed emotions or human rawness. For this project, the client preferred not to use any stock photos with humans in them. Quite a challenge but we found the right formula with a combination of graphics and nature-related photography.

Below is a sampling of the identity options I designed for her, with the chosen branding on the first slide.

Once the client selected a preferred brand identity, I created her style guide and exported all of her assets for her. Left is a condensed version of her style guide. In the client's style guide I'll include all logo variations, elements, graphics, the brand palette in a handful of values (RGB, CMYK, HEX, and Pantone matches), fonts, and her selected brand language. Exported assets will consist of the visuals listed above in a variety of brand colors and file types.

Once the client's style guide and assets are complete, I move on to designing their website. Below is a sampling of pages from Dr. Steinman's site, beginning with her homepage (both desktop and mobile). Mobile designing can be somewhat of a challenge as the content tends to flow a certain direction once it's developed for desktop. So when designing mobile I do my best to use my dev brain to imagine how the content will flow naturally. When done right, I can save the developer some time and frustration.

We've designed a lot of sites with big photo headers so for this client we wanted to vary the hero up a bit. Some pages received a collage + text content treatment, while for others I opted for a graphic gradient banner. I think the combo came out beautifully, though I'm especially proud of the collages!

The last page shows the brand's style guide for web. I create this document in Figma for our developer to use when he's starting to develop the site. It's much more thorough and specifically geared towards the website. I'll include all font variations, buttons with states, inputs, color variation, and the nav + footer components.

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