A Whole-Pet Approach to the Vet

Austin has a lot of veterinary clinics scattered throughout town, many with beautiful branding and marketing campaigns. It's a competitive game out there for pet docs. Dogwood enlisted our help for a revamping of their current brand to help them better compete with the 'big dogs'. They already had a logo and handful of colors they wanted us to work with, and our goal was to expand and grow their brand identity.

This project was a lot of fun – each identity option included illustration work in a unique hand. I really wanted each option to feel different from the other options, which was somewhat complicated working with a brand revamp. I had to create a handful of unique options for a logo and palette that were already decided upon. I think the final options came out really beautifully. Ultimately the client chose an option that felt a little more 'country', with muted warm colors and a floral dogwood print.

I designed two homepage options for the client to give them some flexibility of choice. The first option felt more organic, playful, and cute. The second option I created was a more vintage monochrome feel, with blackboard textures and moody photography. Their final choice, however, was a combination of my first option and an option created by a coworker. It can sometimes be a little frustrating to change/update a web page you worked hard on, but I was just glad the client was able to find a identity and website that fit their brand.

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