Chancey's Bridal Shower Invite

I really enjoyed working on this project - invitations and wedding-related stationery are something I have so much fun creating. Perhaps because there's a sense of flexibility where I can choose how much design vs. illustration I want to do. In this case, the client (one of the bridesmaids) requested a honeybee-themed design to go along with a nature/honey-themed shower. Both the bride and groom are nature lovers so the theme felt perfectly suited.

To create this invitation I used a combination of Procreate and Figma (ui design software, sure, but you'd be surprised at how flexible it can be). I did absolutely none of this project on physical pen and paper. Generally my easiest illustration style is black and white, heavily detailed linework. I used that style to draw the bees. I've never been a great watercolor artist, but luckily Procreate has an undo button and so many brushes and controls. It took me a few tries and a combo of a few brushes to get the watercolor textures correct. I really loved the combination of the hyper-detailed linework against soft, honey-toned watercolors.

The design of the card was pretty easy once I had the illustrations created. I was able to reuse some of the bees for the backside. The calligraphy did involve some patience - I had initially started with a font but ultimately had to redo some parts of the letters to get it to a place I was happy with.

This was a lovely, quick project overall. The client loved the invitations and I was pretty happy with them as well.

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