A Light in the Darkness

At DesignGood, therapists and coaches are our bread and butter. They are the niche we pour into in the hopes that our clients can make a difference in the world. Bevin was no exception; her specialty is grief in the workplace.

Bevin desired a brand identity that reflected her unique background of grief and the idea that her past experiences make her a light to others experiencing loss. She had the absolute misfortune of losing a son too early. His death story involved a lighthouse and water, and to Bevin, these were themes that now felt extremely meaningful to her life story.

I started working with Bevin by creating visual identity options for her. Each option was designed with her preferred themes of lighthouses, light, and the ocean. We also wanted to keep her feeling very professional and clean for the sake of her audience, mainly corporate professionals.

Ultimately she felt most drawn to the visual identity that included a muted grey palette and rounded stone pile elements. As the brand grew with time, however, we moved from the soft-feeling graphic elements to ones that felt more defined and organized. Bevin's brand vibe became a mix of the first visual identity option below but with a bolder lighthouse logo (left) and higher contrast treatments.

For her website, I initially designed an endless scroll site that felt like descending into the ocean, with nautical elements and a sense of dynamism. I think to the client the site felt like a lot, so we redesigned her site to be much more minimal. Instead of textures and a broad use of color, we moved towards a more clean white site with crisp visuals of the client.

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