Bariatric Support in All Shapes and Sizes

Bariatric surgery veteran CeCe Chancellor had a burgeoning podcast and the beginnings of a community group but no brand identity. DesignGood was happy to help. For CeCe, we created a bold, modern brand identity and website that helped solidify her presence on the web. The BariDiaries branding was a team project where every designer ended up pitching in.

For this client I created quite a few visual identity options. Our team lead encouraged me to do some illustration work for some of the options since the client would ultimately need a branded podcast graphic. As always when making visual identity options I like to create a wide range of 'vibes'. The client had a few preferences; she liked the color red and was generally looking for an identity that felt down-to-earth, fun, and bright. I designed with these preferences in mind, but also wanted to push her boundaries a bit to elevate the brand. I gave her plenty of bold and funky brand options but also a few options that were more soft and tactile.

Ultimately the client picked one of our other designers' options, and I was glad to know she was confident in the brand direction. I still feel super proud of these brand options!

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